American Fiber Cement Corporation introduces Deco, a brand‐new façade panel with a rustic coated surface. This panel meets the rising demand of architects and builders around the world who want to create a smooth polished look with a natural texture.

Decorative facades are gaining ground in the construction industry. Today, architects and builders around the world are asking for colorful building materials that offer a smooth, natural textured look. To meet the increasing demand, American Fiber Cement Corporation’s partner and manufacturer, Cembrit, has created this brand‐new design.

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Deco Colors

Robust, Maintenance‐Free Materials

  • Directional Grain Visible Through the Acrylic Paint
  • High Strength and Durability
  • Virtually Maintenance‐Free
  • Excellent UV Stability
  • Resistant to Rough Weather Conditions and Wear for Decades

Deco features a rustic coated surface with a directional grain that is subtly visible through the paint. The panels have a smooth, yet
natural look. The combination of the delicate structure and natural texture make it an ideal decorative choice for a façade. Deco is
available in 9 colors.

About Cembrit Deco
‐ Available in Fossil, Charcoal, Carbon, Cirrus, Sienna, Chestnut, Aspen, Wheat, and Sage: (D 030, D 100, D 190, D 212, D 330, D 350,
D 555, D 562, D 600)
‐ Two standard sizes: 46 x 96 in (1168 x 2440 mm) and 46 x 120 in (1168 x 3050 mm)
‐ Facade design with a smooth, natural textured look
‐ Rustic coated surface

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