Legacy Stadium

Project: Legacy Stadium Location: 1830 Katyland Drive, Katy, TX Product(s): Patina – Amber Project Information: This stadium is currently the most expensive high school venue in the nation. It has 12,000 seats, multi-tiered stands, a $1.8 M video screen and an exterior that lights up in the colors of the home team.

Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Project: Project Management Office – Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Location: 111 Standifer Rd Houston, TX Product(s): Patina – Flint, Graphite, Granite Project Information: This Project Management office is the first of several buildings being built at Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) which was once known as Houston International Airport. This is the first of several buildings being…

Woodforest Church

Project: Woodforest Church Location: 700 Fish Creek Thoroughfare Montgomery, TX Product(s): Patina – Tufa & Flint Minerit – Raw Project Information: Woodforest Church originated in North Carolina, but the organization eventually moved to Montgomery, TX. The space that was used prior to this new building being constructed was once a storefront.

The Muse

Project: The Muse Location: 2270 South University Boulevard, Denver CO Product(s): This lavish building features our products: Cembrit – Mimas & Pearl Architect: Designed and Developed by Mesa Properties. Link: http://www.buildwithmesa.com/ Project Information: This lavish apartment building was designed and developed by Mesa Properties.  Its rooftop lounge offers panoramic views of Downtown Denver and the…