Legacy Stadium

Project: Legacy Stadium Location: 1830 Katyland Drive, Katy, TX Product(s): Patina – Amber Project Information: This stadium is currently the most expensive high school venue in the nation. It has 12,000 seats, multi-tiered stands, a $1.8 M video screen and an exterior that lights up in the colors of the home team.

Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Project: Project Management Office – Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Location: 111 Standifer Rd Houston, TX Product(s): Patina – Flint, Graphite, Granite Project Information: This Project Management office is the first of several buildings being built at Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) which was once known as Houston International Airport. This is the first of several buildings being…

Woodforest Church

Project: Woodforest Church Location: 700 Fish Creek Thoroughfare Montgomery, TX Product(s): Patina – Tufa & Flint Minerit – Raw Project Information: Woodforest Church originated in North Carolina, but the organization eventually moved to Montgomery, TX. The space that was used prior to this new building being constructed was once a storefront.

Eddy & Taylor building

Project: Eddy & Taylor building Location: San Francisco, CA Product(s): Patina – Pearl Project Information: Famous architecture firm, David Baker Architects, designed this building which stands in the infamous Tenderloin neighborhood. This district is known worldwide for having the largest collection of single room occupancy hotels. In the 1920s, before making it big, Academy Award…

350 Ellis Street

Project: 350 Ellis Street Location: San Francisco, CA Product(s): Patina – Graphite Project Information: This area of San Francisco was home to prospectors and immigrants in the 1800s. It quickly became known as the entertainment district during the Gold Rush. For decades, visitors flocked to the neighborhood’s speakeasies, jazz clubs, billiard halls and gambling parlors.

Koz on Market Street

Project: Koz on Market Street Location: 1554 Market Street, Tacoma, WA Product(s): Patina – Flint and Pearl Project Information: For a short time after 1900, Market Street was lined with merchants, clothing stores, haberdashers, and a phone company. Once the automobile was invented and the streetcar went away, Market Street was known for having the…

Koz at the Dome

Project: Koz at the Dome Location: 304 Puyallup Avenue, Tacoma, WA Product(s): Patina – Graphite and Pearl Project Information: This building stands where the Puyallup Tribe and other native peoples lived for millenia. In 1873, the Northern Pacific Railroad selected Tacoma for its western terminus. This city is also well known for being the center…


Project: X2 Location: 1516 Xavier Street in the scenic Sloan’s Lake neighborhood. Product(s): Cembrit Solid – Mimas, Luna, Saturn, Neptune Cembrit Cover – Stockholm Architect: Peak Development Group. Link: Project Information: X2 is a unique looking 46 apartment complex designed by Peak Development Group. It’s located in the scenic Sloan’s Lake neighborhood. The area…