SLATESCAPE is a man-made, environmentally friendly product with the look, feel and mass of natural stone. Like other natural surfaces (granite, marble, soapstone, etc.) its color, finish and consistency have normal variations. It’s durability makes SlateScape the perfect choice for the educational market. It has excellent static discharge properties, making it ideally suited for study carrels, computer labs and libraries.

Slatescape’s elegant appearance makes it the ideal choice for a variety of architectural and decorative designs. It looks great in kitchen and bathroom countertops, furniture applications, wall panels, window sills, and other mill work.


Colorlith HP is a non-asbestos fiber cement board which is recognized for its many years of service as a laboratory work surface. Through modern technology, Colorlith HP surfaces withstand the occurrence of static electricity, vibration and heat that are emitted from numerous electrical devices. This durable and economical material can be used for shelving, pegboards, window stools, fume hood liners, library and other types of furniture.


Modern advances in fiber-cement technology have improved Colorlith HP so that it handles the emergence of today’s dry chemistry techniques in a more economical and durable 3/4″ thickness. Colorlith HP laboratory work surfaces withstand the occurrence of static electricity, vibration and heat that are emitted from the numerous electrical devices being introduced into the laboratories. While handling these new emerging laboratory demands, Colorlith HP remains a proven, chemically- resistant and attractive work surface for use as tabletops, shelving, pegboards, window stools and fume hood liners. Colorlith HP’s improved strength and durability allow 3/4″ material to be utilized where l” or 1 1/4″ would previously be required.

Historically, many competitive products have only offered a 1″ or 1 1/4″ work surface due to the necessity to meet product strength or production limitations. An economical 3/4″ thickness also means that Colorlith HP is more cost effective in original installations compared to other chemically resistant work surfaces and, with simple regular maintenance, the lab top will provide long-lasting performance.


Superior Dry Chemistry Performance. Colorlith HP is harmonically dead and resists the transmittance of any static discharge through the sheet. Therefore, electronic equipment placed on Colorlith HP is safer from electric shorts than on other competitive tops. Colorlith HP has an excellent fire hazard classification and exceptional thermal shock resistance from hot crucibles, overturned Bunsen burners, and other direct and indirect heat sources. In addition, the good light reflective characteristics of Colorlith HP provides less eyestrain than other available products.

Excellent Chemical Resistance. Colorlith HP remains highly resistant to the corrosive action of acids, alkalis, reagents and solvents commonly used in the laboratories. Its integral color helps make maintenance easy while the attractiveness of Colorlith HP’s surface remains relatively constant throughout its long life. In order to provide the laboratory work surface with the best value, AFCC recommends that an evaluation of potential work surfaces be conducted using the actual solutions that exist in the planned laboratory. During the evaluation you will notice that NO LABORATORY TABLE TOP IS STAINPROOF.

Extremely Durable. AFCC Colorlith HP work surfaces are specifically designed to take the daily punishment which occurs in most laboratories such as abrasion and wear, scratching and direct impact from dropped objects. In fact, Colorlith HP’s exceptional structural strength permits it to be used with excellent results in thicknesses much thinner than the traditional 1″ and 1 1/4″ sizes. It is extremely resistant to physical abuse and offers great compressive strength and dimensional stability. The impressive cohesive strength of the work surface provides tremendous impact resistance… a quality which cannot be claimed by other commonly used materials in greater thicknesses. The great flexural strength of Colorlith HP supports loads from personnel climbing and walking on the top, plus the unanticipated installation of new and heavy equipment at a later date. In addition, one of the more important working characteristics of Colorlith HP is its screw holding strength to permit anchoring from underneath while insuring permanently rigid tops and watertight joints.

Economical. AFCC’s Colorlith HP has several economical advantages. Since a 3/4″ work surface can be utilized, it is very cost effective in original installation compared to other chemically resistant work surfaces. Colorlith HP is a fiber cement based product, not petroleum based like other competitive products, so it consistently has a low initial sheet cost. It is also produced in large sizes so fewer joints are required, which is very useful for today’s popular laboratory designs. Also note that if job conditions change from original plans, Colorlith HP can be field fabricated to accommodate unexpected changes. Colorlith HP is available through various laboratory top fabricators, laboratory furniture manufacturers, and laboratory furniture dealers to insure competitive bidding.

Easy to Maintain. Since the Colorlith HP work surface can be renewed in the field, it will offer many years of useful service. Note that many original installations of Colorlith from the mid 1950’s are still in good use today. By using simple general care procedures on a daily basis, as outlined under design data, the life and appearance of Colorlith HP will be prolonged.