With over 30 years experience AFCC’s charter is to make top-of-the-line architectural products available in the United States.

These applications include Fiber Cement Cladding Panels, light weight Façade Cladding, Attachment Systems, Interior Paneling and Decorative Architectural Surfacing Design.

We provide ARCAT specification during design and practical on-site training during project start-up.

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Raw facade boards are extremely well suited to both new buildings and the renovation of old buildings. they are a safe construction material for facades, balconies and footings and for agricultural construction. Minerit HD’s smooth, natural gray and even-quality surface allows effective staining or painting if desired, but does not require any surface treatment.

A strong, weather-proof cladding board characterized by its muted, matte finish. During manufacturing, the through-colored board receives a unique surface treatment which makes it powerfully resistant towards water staining and dirt, ensuring a long-lasting and durable facade.

Cembrit Patina comes in 11 subtle colors. The natural authenticity of the Cembrit Patina board is expressed through the slight color variations in the surface, imbuing your facade with the play of light and nuances you associate with any natural building material. Over time, these natural variations may develop further as the surface patinates.

Classic grey fiber-cement board fully covered with 100% opaque, water-based acrylic paint in a range of contemporary colors. The full-covering paint makes the board powerfully resistant to green moss and algae, water stains and dirt. Cembrit Cover comes in 26 expressive UR BANNATURE colors inspired by vibrant, dynamic metropolises in Europe.

Fiber Cement panels also work well inside as the  ideal choice for a variety of architectural and decorative designs.  These environmentally friendly products are non-combustible and can give the appearance of natural stone or raw cement.