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Our expertise in modern construction comes from over 30 years of experience.

As the master distributor of high-density fiber cement, we’re committed to providing you with sustainable, state-of-the-art materials and exceptional service for whatever project lies ahead. Our east and west coast distributors fabricate, custom package, and ship to customers throughout the United States and Canada. Using advanced machinery, numerical control saws, and routers, we custom cut and drill panels to your building’s unique specifications. Let’s bring your project to life.


Years of Experience

Our Fiber Cement Collection

AFC Stone is a through-colored material that’s anything but ordinary. Its fine sanding lines and colors evolve beautifully over time, giving it a natural, authentic look.

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With a rustic coated surface and directional grain that is subtly visible through the paint, AFC Rustic has a smooth yet natural look and is an ideal decorative choice.

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AFC Groove is a through-colored material that reflects strength and durability. The milled grooves add a dimensional effect to any building, making it possible to create custom squares or triangular patterns.

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AFC Blast is a through-colored material that has a natural-looking textured surface and a stone-like finish. These panels add character to a building.

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This unique board is through-colored with pigment placed in the core of the product. It’s designed this way so it closely matches the surface’s acrylic paint layer.

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AFC Matte is a through-colored material that combines its textured nuances and natural characteristics with the performance of a transparent topcoat. The added color highlights fibers and other raw materials that give it strength and character.

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AFC Surface is a painted material that’s an ideal solution for those who prefer strong colors and bolder designs. Its natural gray core is completely covered by a layer of opaque, water-based acrylic paint that comes in 27 standard colors and more than 1,950 NCS® colors.

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AFC Minerit façade panels are are extremely well suited to new buildings and the renovation of old buildings. It’s a perfect material for facades, balconies, footings and agricultural construction.

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Responsive Service

Your projects are important. They’re worth being completed when and how you want.

Our US-based distribution facilities enable us to provide you with state-of-the-art fiber cement quickly and easily. But we’re not just efficient because it’s easy — we’re efficient because we care. We are committed to satisfying your needs and will invest our resources to ensure service and delivery are timely, so your building schedule stays on track.

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For over 30 years, clients throughout North America have relied on American Fiber Cement’s high quality products and accessories.

As the CEO of Skyline Builders, I’ve relied on American Fiber Cement for over a decade. Their products never disappoint. The quality is unmatched, and their accessories are top-notch. Highly recommended!

For my recent residential project, I chose American Fiber Cement for all the exterior cladding. Their products enhanced the building’s appeal and proved durable. Exceptional customer service too!

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