• Fully self-adhered water and air barrier; no fasteners required
  • Outer layers are made of high-strength spun-bonded polypropylene (PP) fabric bonded to a vapor-permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer
  • Black color enhances appearance of open-joint cladding
  • Full surface coating of high-tack aggressive adhesive
  • Split-release liner for easy application
  • DELTA®-FASSADE SA is suitable for:
    – Buildings under International Residential Code (IRC)
    – Type V-B construction under International Building Code (IBC)
    – Buildings under 40’ with no plastic foam insulation under IBC
  • Industry-leading UV protection
  • Highly vapor permeable for optimal drying
  • Improves energy efficiency and performance of building enclosures
  • Lightweight, highly durable, and tear resistant, standing up to any job site or weather condition
  • Simple application helps ensure proper installation
  • Overall occupant comfort and client satisfaction
  • Matte black; prevents blinding during installation and acts as a blank canvas, allowing the open cladding architecture to shine

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* Exterior applications must be installed as a ventilated rainscreen system.  Please see our installation guidelines for additional information.