AFC TerraSlat by Tonality®


AFC TerraSlat by Tonality® is a sustainable terracotta facade designed to stand the test of time. Made from 100% natural materials, these eco-friendly slat elements combine lightweight construction with lasting durability while protecting human health and preserving the environment.

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Talk with a Specialist

To learn more about how you can use AFC TerraSlat by Tonality® on your next project, contact us at 303-972-5107.

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Natural beauty. Enduring strength.

Build a Sustainable Future with AFC TerraSlat by Tonality

AFC TerraSlat by Tonality® is setting a new standard for eco-friendly facade solutions. These future-driven clay panels are made to last and designed to benefit human health and the planet we all share.

  • 100% Natural Materials icon 100% Natural Materials
  • UV Resistant icon UV, Scratch, and Graffiti Resistant
  • Resource-Efficient icon Resource-Efficient
  • Maintenance-Free icon Maintenance-Free
  • Weather-Resistant icon Weather-Resistant
  • Cost-Effective icon Cost-Effective

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