For over 20 years American Fiber Cement Corporation has delivered on its charter to produce high-quality, sustainable architectural products throughout the United States.

Product Sustainability

AFC Cladding is committed to providing the highest quality high density compressed fiber cement panels to the U.S. building markets. In order to do this, we feel it necessary to provide not only high quality products, but sustainable products that can contribute to green (LEED) building projects, which in turn benefit the environment we all live in.

AFC Cladding products currently have a potential contribution in seven (7) areas. [1] One of the most important sustainable attributes is the durability of AFC Cladding panels.  With their long lifespan, virtually requiring no refurbishment, AFC Cladding panels can contribute to less replacement of materials and to drastically lower maintenance costs over the useful life of the building.

The recommended Ventilated and Insulated Rain Screen Cladding (VIRSC) system, which is used to affix AFC Cladding panels to the exterior of a structure, offers many benefits and green attributes to the performance of the building envelope.  Durability and resistance to moisture and mold build-up are noteworthy benefits. Equally important is its ability to accommodate external insulation, which addresses the issues of thermal bridging.[1] These attributes are just a few of the many that have a potential contribution to LEED credits.[2]

In addition, AFC Cladding is dedicated to further research and analysis of our products to achieve additional LEED credits, and help further the cause of building sustainable and efficient buildings.

  • 1  Additional credit available for post consumer recycled content in certain markets