For over 30 years American Fiber Cement Corporation has delivered high-quality, sustainable architectural products throughout the United States and Canada.

Product Sustainability

Our products contribute to green (LEED) building projects, which in turn benefit the environment. They provide thermal comfort, optimize energy performance, and are extremely durable. They have a long lifespan which requires no refurbishment and less material replacement. This drastically reduces maintenance costs over the life of the building. Our Ventilated and Insulated Rainscreen Cladding System, used to affix our panels to the exterior of a structure, offers many benefits and green attributes to the performance of the building envelope. Durability and resistance to moisture and mold build-up are noteworthy benefits. Equally important is its ability to accommodate external insulation to meet any building code requirement.

Distinct Properties

American Fiber Cement panels are weather resistant, low maintenance, non-combustible, designed to last the lifetime of the building. Being installed in an open joint rainscreen system allows the panels to adapt to and thrive in adverse weather conditions such as heavy levels of moisture, heat, and freeze/thaw. Equally impressive is their ability to resist mold and algae. In addition, all product lines are certified noncombustible. Ease of installation is another bonus. American Fiber Cement can cut, drill, and ID each panel so when they reach the jobsite, they are immediately ready to be fastened to the building. All of these factors contribute to lower installation costs, shorter installation times, minimal maintenance, no retrofits in the future, and an excellent building aesthetic.

A Unique Composition

With a strong composition of cement, mineral fillers, cellulose, non-toxic organic fibers, and a dash of water, our panels are made of purely natural and environmentally friendly raw materials. They are sustainable and fully recyclable after use. The secret behind their impressive strength and durability resides in the manufacturing technology. Thin layers of fiber cement are added on top of each other, then pressed firmly together under tremendous pressure before completing a slow curing process. Reinforced by carefully selected fibers, the many thin layers give our fiber cement cladding a strength and an elasticity unknown to most cement-based products.

As part of our continued commitment towards sustainability and transparency, we have recently become part of two powerful online platforms:

Mindful MATERIALS (mM) – This free online platform is vetted by experts who are passionate about transparency. It offers quick access to declarations, certifications and product details that can be linked to specific products. We are proud to have our fiber cement products represented in this prestigious library.

Material Bank – This free online platform is the world’s largest material marketplace for architects and designers. It offers a fast, powerful way to search for sustainable products, get detailed information, collaborate with teams, and have samples delivered overnight. We are proud to be partners with this organization.

LEED Credits We Contribute To:

Direct Contribution (Materials and Resources)
BPDO – Environmental Product Declarations


Indirect Contribution
Indoor Environmental Quality


Thermal Comfort


Energy and Atmosphere
Optimize Energy Performance

Environmental Product Declarations

A comprehensive analysis of the environmental impact of our high-density fiber cement panels can be made from our EPDs in accordance with EN 15804 on the Sustainability of Construction Works. These EPDs provide a life-cycle assessment, manufacturing process details, and information on the use of any dangerous materials.

Health Product Declarations

All American Fiber Cement products have published Health Product Declaration (HPDs).