• Allows installer to eliminate a vertical girt and attach horizontally to the stud wall using a perforated substructure.
  • The perforated substructure combined with the thermal spacers provides the necessary moisture drainage and air flow to have a successful ventilated rainscreen facade.
  • Specifically designed to accommodate Fiber Cement Cladding.
  • Number one system for installing narrow vertically oriented panel layouts.
  • Panels can be full size (4’x8′ or 4’x10′) or fabricated to smaller dimensions.
  • A cost-saving single layer attachment system.
  • Thermal spacers reduce thermal transfer to the building.
  • Compatible with AFCC visible fastening and hidden fastening systems.
American Fiber Cement - XKELEX
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XKELEX - Chart

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* Exterior applications must be installed as a ventilated rainscreen system.  Please see our installation guidelines for additional information.